Welcome to Genius By Design, home of my original writings on intelligence and accelerated learning methodologies. Primarily, I focus on learning as an adult, an all-but-ignored aspect of education and the endlessly futile debates on educational reform. If you are curious about all those memory, reading, creativity and "how to become smarter" techniques, or better yet, if you are a bit skeptical of some of those seemingly exaggerated claims, then this site will be well worth your time.

However, while those techniques represent my original impetus for creating this website (and the books that will eventually follow), the last 25 years of actual experience, inside and outside the field of accelerated learning, have caused me to completely rethink their place in the 21st century.

If you are new to the site, you'll want to start with the GBD Insights, where I condense most of my unique and original thoughts into bite-sized chunks for those looking for the quickest takeaways from this site.