At some point, there will be a Genius By Design podcast. Why?

  1. Many people, myself included, really like this medium. From long-form audiobooks to short form podcasts, audio is a great way to learn while 'on the go'. And the more senses you engage, the better the learning experience.
  2. As I write, I often find multiple ways to say the same thing. I try to write a cleanly as possible, which means there's a lot of good material that lands on the cutting room floor. So while I don't want to muddle the main text, I'm exploring the idea of using a podcast to share those 'alternate ways' to describe the GBD insights.
  3. I think a podcast might be the best way to answer questions…less formal, easier to produce, and shared with anyone who cares to listen in.

So look for a podcast after the GBD Insights section is complete and I have started publishing new articles.