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Only two kinds of feedback loops exist in nature -- negative and positive. These aren't value judgments, only descriptions of how different kinds of learning occur and how we deal with adversity. As you know, adversity is unavoidable. It comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't discriminate. Who we are and what we are capable of has much to do with ...

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It is stated in the Einstein Factor that "you will be surprised by the abundance of images, their startling clarity, and their bizarre and unexpected subject matter. Only when this happens have you truly begun to Image Stream."

I disagree.

I hear the villagers wanting to cut off my head for such heresy. So before they catch ...

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Let us first look at each side of the entire line of reading skill.

On the novice end, we have 100-200 words per minute, one word at a time, subvocalized, no preparation, frequent back skipping, and no subconscious activity whatsoever.

On the expert end, we flip two pages per second with 100 percent recall of everything utilizing the ...

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If a system can be quantified, then we would be able to measure it. Intelligence is a system.

Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, we all employ thinking strategies. Some are more powerful than others. Some will show a quantifiable improvement in less time than others. And some will actually induce atrophy (addiction to trashy TV ...

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