Genius Code

by Win Wenger & Paul Scheele

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By Matthew Turco
September, 2002

Over five years ago, through a brilliant book called the Einstein Factor, I was introduced to the work of Win Wenger. Since then, I’ve enjoyed many of his books and articles, some of which he’s graciously allowed me to share with others on my own website.

Along with those many articles, there were a few mentions of a proposed collaboration and combination of methods between Dr. Wenger and Paul Scheele, the developer of PhotoReading. It was to be the first formal attempt to bring the related technologies of image streaming together with photoreading.

Yum!! I thought..I just can’t wait!!

But I did wait…

…and wait…

…and wait…

…and wait…

A couple of months ago, a letter came in the mail announcing the Genius Code home study course by Learning Strategies Corporation. Was this the fruit of the long-promised collaboration?

My first impression of this course was expected. It looks very similar to the other courses I own by Learning Strategies Corporation. There’s a 50 page booklet, cassettes and/or CDs, and a bonus CD. I found it rather funny that the CD duplicator mislabeled a couple of CDs, then mislabeled them again when I received the replacements in the mail. They eventually got it right, along with the apologies for inconvenience…hey, it happens.

The booklet serves as the Cliff Notes to Win’s and Paul’s work, providing brief descriptions of the processes contained in the course along with a little supplementary information.

The first CD, the introduction, is led by Paul Scheele. Like most introductions, it serves to set the stage for the course. By separating this course from typical approaches to education, Paul leads the listener to open themselves up to the possibilities that we’re all much brighter than we think.

Personally, I wish Win would have done the first tape, not only because his technology represents more of this course than Paul’s but also because I find that his natural enthusiasm sells the course a little better. Paul isn’t the most charismatic speaker I’ve listened to and while Win’s delivery is nowhere near the “over-the-top” ebullience of the likes of Tony Robbins, I sense the child-like animation in his voice, even when he’s leading the listener into a deep state of mind. Meanwhile, Paul seems to take on more of a scholarly role. Throughout the course, the contrast serves the material well. But for the introduction, I’d rather listen to Win.

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