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Whether its for the inspiration, the sparks of imagination, or for the pure enjoyment, I love great fiction...and at various time, people have asked me what I've read and liked. Below are my latest, greatest, and all-time favorites.

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Timeline by Michael Crichton
Prey by Michael Crichton

I credit Michael Crichton for making me literate again. After not reading a single book in high school (I didn't even finished the assigned ones), I picked up Jurassic Park in college and become a voracious reader.

This is his latest, an entertaining entry into medieval Europe and Quantum theory and time travel. Recommended for anyone who loves adventure stories and would like a layman's explanation quantum theory's multiverse.

The Eight by Katherine Neville
Calculated Risk by Katherine Neville
The Magic Circle by Katherine Neville

Three absolutely brilliant books, featuring the most remarkable heroines that I've found in print. Ms. Neville takes research to a whole new level and thoughtfully touches on everything from chess to Elliott Waves. Recommended for everyone who loves a great story. Recommended for anyone looking for interesting, yet accessible introductions into advanced fields of study.

Term Limits by Vince Flynn
Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn
The Third Option by Vince Flynn
Separation of Power by Vince Flynn

For the first time in years, I've been so impressed by an author, I've read his entire collection straight through. In the genre of CIA/Secret Service/Special Forces, Vince Flynn poses all-too-real scenarios, in both a thoughtful and entertaining way. Anyone who thinks that the tragedy of 9/11/01 couldn't have been predicted need only to check the publication dates of this man's work.

Recommended for anyone interested in what likely goes on in behind closed doors in the last great superpower. It is also recommended for those interested in advanced communication skills and modeling as I find myself constantly impressed by what appears to be the ultimate arena for such skills.

The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva
The Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva
The Marching Season by Daniel Silva
The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva
The English Assassin by Daniel Silva

Perhaps the best at character development, Daniel Silva is my second favorite of the genre. From a classic WWII novel to modern-day global thrillers, he exposes the very real conflicts of interest by those who gain power vicariously and anonymously through the others' interminable idealistic wars. Recommended by anyone who enjoys Vince Flynn for the same reasons stated above.

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