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DCMS -- October 19, 1997 Contact: Dr. Win Wenger -- Project Renaissance, 301-948-1122

Underwater Air Bubbles to Tame El Nino's Storms?

Can a few bubbles of air, released under water, save your property from the effects of El Nino? 'Yes,' says Dr. Win Wenger, an inventor and author who has released into free public domain two different inventions which use air bubbles to create remarkable effects.

Win Wenger, Ph.D., has posted his Beachbuilder invention (at on the world wide web, in detail. Briefly: drill holes in a few lengths of hose or pipe, suspend these underwater by buoy and anchor just before a storm, a few yards offshore. Connect these to an air-compressor to pump air through. The resulting curtain of air bubbles will stop the violence of the waves, though it won't stop the high water. Beachbuilder's curtain of bubbles will also, according to Wenger, help deposit beach sand for many yards of fresh new beach instead of letting the storm erode your beach away. "The bubbles," says Wenger, "slow the water and make it drop its sediment load, much like a snow fence slows the wind and makes it drop its load in its lee before the snow can drift and pile over the highway."

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What can stop the high water is another invention, one which dampens down the storm itself. The Wenger Hurricane-Stopper, by releasing air bubbles from deeper, colder layers of sea water which underlie the warmer surface waters, makes the waters "turn over," bringing the colder waters to the top and starving the storm of its main source of energy and juice.

"With a true hurricane or typhoon the effect is more complete and immediate than it will be with an El Nino storm. Hurricanes can only feed from waters 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. El Nino storms draw their energy from a wider range of conditions." But the Wenger Hurricane-stopper can dampen at least somewhat the violence of the storms which otherwise would inflict, according to some, $40 to $60 billion in damage to Southern California. Nearly all that loss, Wenger believes, can be avoided. Even so, he says, the Hurricane-stopper has to be used sparingly and temporarily, when and where a storm is brewing or moving and not otherwise, because we don't know what effects would happen from a major, prolonged interruption of the El Nino currents.

Is There Time?

These 2 inventions are so simple, so easy to deploy, that there is plenty of time between now and January to have them in place, if someone starts soon.

Like Wenger's Beachbuilder, his Hurricane-stopper is also displayed on the world-wide web, free for anyone to use. (See

Dr. Wenger is the author 45 published books including The Einstein Factor, -- all about problem-solving techniques and the Einsteinian mental experiment; and Beyond Teaching And Learning: A Method for Personal Growth & Development. --describing methods for greatly improved and accelerated learning. Arriving any day will be his new book of techniques for invention and scientific discovery: Discovering the Obvious. Wenger has been teaching creativity method for 30 years and "practicing at least a little of what we preach!"

He has accumulated so many inventions he felt he felt a need to give these away, to help a lot of people. He is giving inventions away to publicize what he sees are some needed reforms in the patent system. (His proposed patent system reform is posted on the world-wide web. See Dr. Wenger says "These inventions are yours. You don't need to the inventor's permission to use them, or even give him credit for their use. I've made them freely available to help people protect from damage and harm. You can download the details directly from Internet. If it helps even one person even a little, I'll be a happy man." A catalog and nearly all his books are available from Project Renaissance, Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332. or


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