Easier ways to win a high-caliber performance from your students - and from yourself! This is NOT a time management course - but you can achieve more for far less effort and workload! These 24 contact hours provide you a set of general and specific techniques to discover and nurture giftedness in the full range of your students, and in yourself. Given the right procedures, even mental retardates originate workable inventions, which only a few gifted people are supposed to be able to do. When he was the age of your students, Albert Einstein was generally and with cause believed to be mildly retarded. Yet after doing some of what you are about to do here, he became so gifted that his name the world over is a household word for "genius." You don't have to be an Einstein to make this work for you, in small ways or large.


Led by Win Wenger, Ph.D., author of Beyond Teaching And Learning and of the international best-seller, The Einstein Factor.


1.Smarter, Not Harder: an Adventure in Modern Socratic Method. Your students can do nearly all your actual workload and effortload - and do it well, and love it! How even your largest class can be an easy-going, high-achieving, stimulating, involving, rewarding intense little seminar!?! Text: Win Wenger's How to Be a Better Teacher, Today - WHILE Reducing Your Workload!

2.Behavior's fundamental Law of Effect in modern application, together with issues in nurturing and restoring human development. Text:The Einstein Factor plus an especially prepared course manual.

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3.Effective and creative problem solving. Not only to give your students better control over their own lives. Anyone who wishes to bring improvements of any sort into the classroom is going to face problems, and might as well be equipped with some of the world's most effective methods for solving problems. Also: there is such a huge overlap between creativity and learning that nearly every one of the hundreds of creative solution-finding methods now in professional use around the world also can serve, usually with little adaptation, as profoundly accelerative learning techniques. Text: The Einstein Factor plus the specially prepared course manual.

4.Specific Techniques to build: understanding in both your students and yourself; mastery of what you teach; intellectual skills; language and perceptual skills; and true raw intellectual ability. Many of these techniques also profoundly enhance or accelerate learning. These last are quite different from, and complementary with, the accelerated learning techniques more often taught, and so provide teachers a much wider range of resources to work from than with just the one set. Text: Beyond Teaching And Learning plus the specially prepared course manual.

Special Note:

A special site to support teachers in the field in use of these and other methods for enhanced and accelerated learning, is now being set up on the world-wide web at http://www.botree.com/ where already flourishes an e-magazine which has attracted many leading writers in the field. This will feature display sites for specific techniques, a forum or listserver, and expert guidance enlisted for the purpose. It's special emphasis will be to encourage and systematize data-collection on the effects of classroom use of any enhanced or accelerative technique and, by guiding and supporting publication of findings, advance the professional career of participating teachers. The main site at botree.com will be backed up by additional linked resources at http://www.anakin.com, http://www.winwenger.com, an already-flourishing listserver in related processes (e-mail listserver@o-m-n-n.com and for free type in just these two words: subscribe imagestreaming ---you can always unsubscribe after), and by other resources just now developing. Also - by popular demand - the site will include an ongoing and accumulating set of specific labor-saving and time-saving techniques, but the main purpose of the overall site is to foster more effective teaching and learning.

This site, to support teachers in the field in use of improved/enhanced/accelerated techniques of teaching and learning, will do so world-wide and with respect to all suitable methods and approaches. It is expected to be operational by or before October 15, 1997 at http://www.botree.com/

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To reach Win Wenger, please visit his website at Project Renaissance.

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