One of 8 TYPES of Combination, of Einsteinian and Socratic Method,
Applied to Improved/Accelerated Ways of Learning & Teaching,

as found in a most truly 'educative' book,

How To Learn Through A Periscope--

"Borrowed Genius," or the Principle of Learning With High Leverage:
* We had enrolled our 4-year-old daughter in a neighborhood swim team, not for the sake of competing but simply for safety reasons, an economical way to get her the training to ensure she would be competent in the water. During one of the team's meets, in one heat a clerical error had her swim as the only small kid among 8, 9 and 10 year olds. To our amazement, she swam far faster than ever before and finished right in the middle of the pack. "How did you do that?!?" we asked her. Her reply: "I made-believe I was one of the big kids."

* In Camelot, Merlin was working with young King Arthur at a point where Arthur was imagining himself to be a hawk. Asked Merlin of Arthur: "What does the hawk know, that Arthur does not know?"

* Like projecting your view through a periscope: let some aspect or part of you "become" a whole, distinct person who happens to be the world's greatest genius in what you are trying to learn. Through that new vantage point cum periscope, see and understand easily what had been obscure to you before...

* ...Just create such genius in the same sense that tribesmen of the Bear Clan wore the heads of bears to better understand the wilderness from which they made their living...

* ...Or in the same sense that one young lad of our experience, about to "not make" his high school's baseball team, working with us during an hour of "putting on the heads" of his various baseball heroes, discovered through one of those "hero heads" how to get extra focus on the baseball by swinging, not at the baseball itself but at an imaginary flyspeck on that baseball. He made the team; his first ten games he batted 800; at season's end he was voted MVP by not only his team but his school's entire league.

* --Or in the same sense that in our very first 1977 experiment which launched Project Renaissance, a secretary starting to take violin lessons leaped from raw beginner to advanced student in two lessons by our special way of "putting on the head" of great violinists. She came by to visit our second experiment three weeks later and gave us a very nice concert. (ALL of us were getting similar results in our chosen areas even before we perfected this method!)

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Each of the 44 diverse methods for Periscopic Learning, through Project Renaissance's strategies of contextual projection and description, enable one to learn with understanding, or gain in skills, years'-worth in only hours: truly "accelerated learning!" Periscopic Learning, in turn, is only one of eight types of accelerated learning method unique to Project Renaissance, representing different combinations of Socratic and Einsteinian process, which are found in the great book Beyond Teaching And Learning, by Win Wenger, Ph.D., Project Renaissance.

--Seven other types of astonishingly effective method as well, taught step-by-step in detail like a cookbook recipe only the feast is that of rich intelligence! Already praised by critics (Genius... Win Wenger's unique [methods] help you draw out these hidden insights.--Success Magazine. Win's techniques... enriched the lives of my students.--R.W., consultant, Alaska State Board of Education. Win Wenger gives us new and effective ways of harnessing the brain!--SALT Newsletter. Yours really does it where so many other books don't!--best thing in a LONG long time!--BJ) --this great book, Beyond Teaching And Learning, while this announcement is up is still available for only $29.95 ($4 U.S.A. shipping, $7 Canada/Mexico, $11 overseas--also ask about quantity discounts). Make important matters in your life a lot easier and enjoyable for you. Obtain today your copy of Beyond Teaching And Learning, from: Project Renaissance, Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332.

FULL GUARANTEE if not satisfied, delighted, and amazed! Return in new condition in 20 days for full refund less shipping. --And get to keep accompanying gift booklet Two Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Intelligence, $7.95 additional value offered until February 15, 1998.

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To reach Win Wenger, please visit his website at Project Renaissance.

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