Building On-line Intelligence In Your Brain

The oldest, most universally agreed-upon natural law of behavior, like gravity is a pretty universally-agreed natural law of physics, is: "that you get more of what you reinforce." Also known in psychology as "The Law of Effect," this law also has a number of agreed-upon corollaries, among them the descriptive statement that the more immediate the feedback or reinforcement, other things equal, the more that such reinforcement shapes traits and behaviors.

Also widely observed and agreed: our EXternal senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) are much more immediate and focused than our equally important INternal senses (feelings, images, pre-verbal thoughts and understandings, sense of nuance, etc.). That is why, for most people, games and sports have a greater attraction than the intellectual and aesthetic activities which can be of such far greater value, but which are in large part a learned taste. Putting these two widely-agreed sets of observation together:

If the functions of widely separate, hitherto unrelated regions of the brain are EXPRESSED TOGETHER in a combination EXternal activity, THE IMMEDIACY OF EXTERNAL SENSORY FEEDBACK FROM that external activity builds a more and more immediate relationship between those formerly unrelated brain regions. This then causes those brain regions to become more and more accessible to each other, and the INTELLIGENCE of each part of the brain to become more and more immediately available to the other part(s).

If one of these hitherto less-related or unrelated regions of the brain is the left temporal lobe and verbally focused conscious mind, as is the case when we describe a perception: if the perception is a subtle or nuance-involved one originating therefore in a region or in regions of the brain not immediately related to our verbally-focused consciousness, TO DESCRIBE such perceptions brings such remote-from-consciousness regions of the brain more immediately on line with consciousness, making their resources and intelligence more immediately available to our focused verbal consciousness. This will manifest with improving "I.Q." scores and other positive changes relating to "intelligence" and intellect.

Indeed this prediction is borne out in a series of independently conducted state university studies, which since 1989 have been measuring the effects of perhaps the purest form of such externalizing-through-describing such awareness, the process called "Image-Streaming." On average, as little as 25 hours of easy, entertaining practice of Image-Streaming results in 20 points of "I.Q." gain, together with apparently even greater gains in the more numinous aspects of intelligence, creativity and experience. (Department of Physics and Chemistry, Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota.)
Does this mean that intelligence can be earned or built? Apparently yes. Operationally, at least, there seems little difference between TRANSFER of intelligence withIN the brain, as seems the case here, and an absolute increase in intelligence such as can also be obtained through improving physical circulation to the physical brain to improve its health and operating condition (Project Renaissance will send you free on request, in return for 4 oz. postage, an article on "breathtaking awareness" full of instructions how to produce that effect); nutritionally at least for short-term effects--longer run effects depend upon the uses put to brain functions during those immediate intervals of nutritional advantage; through re-working the sub-routines of the brain to better support its higher functions [many sensori-motor ways of doing so are provided in Win Wenger's older book HOW TO INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE]; and through training of physical visual response patterns as has been performed since the 1920s by developmental optometrists.)

For whom can this be accomplished? Astonishingly, apparently EVERYone. Of thousands trained, either directly by Project Renaissance or at the university in Minnesota, not one person has yet been found who was unable to learn and practice the procedure for Image-Streaming, and so to begin harvesting its benefits. Besides the main procedures for Image Streaming, Project Renaissance has developed more than 20 back-up procedures to assure that absolutely everyone becomes able to perform Image Streaming. All educational levels, all ages from infancy to nursing home, all "I.Q." levels, appear to benefit.

This picking-up on, sensitizing to, and describing-aloud of, internal awarenesses and imagery, which we call Image-Streaming, also has enormous practical usefulness as well. It is the main basis of arguably the most powerful and accurate solution-finding creative problem-solving system of methods now in professional use anywhere on Earth. (That modern form of Einsteinian Discovery Method is set forth mainly in two books by Win Wenger: the problem-solving one titled A METHOD FOR PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT, and the currently new book on discovering and inventing: TECHNIQUES OF ORIGINAL, INSPIRED SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY, TECHNICAL INVENTION AND INNOVATION. It is the main basis of six diverse systems of method for profoundly improving and accelerating learning (six of the eight systems set forth in Wenger's BEYOND TEACHING AND LEARNING). One form of use of Image-Streaming directly improves reading comprehension nine-fold; another set of uses of Image-Streaming is associated with the even greater reading gains of Paul Scheele's PhotoReading system. Many more practical uses for Image Streaming have been found in a great variety of other contexts.

Phase-relationships in the pole-bridging of the brain:

An even greater impact on apparent intelligence is reflected in the results of what happens when you tighten the phase-relationships between various regions of the brain. By phase relationship, we refer to the length of time lapsing between when one part of the brain getting a stimulus and other parts of the brain lighting up on that same stimulus, and on the instructions passed along with that stimulus by the prior part of the brain.

Many researchers, beginning with John Ertl who based most of his "brain-wave analyzer" EEG/computer device for measuring intelligence upon it, have found that if subsequent parts of the brain grab onto the stimulus very quickly after the initial part has received it, that person behaves far more intelligently and usually more creatively than when there is a long lapse in the phase relationship. This difference in level of performance is easily understood when put into colloquial terms:

If the initial part of the brain HAS TIME TO FINISH what it's doing before passing operations on to the rest of the brain, the instructions it passes along are, in effect: "It's all done, folks. Here is what we found. You can go back to sleep on this one." If, instead, other parts of the brain are grabbing up the stimulus before the first part has completed its operations, the accompanying instructions are very different: "Well, here's what we've found thus far, and we're looking at THIS aspect, and you might take another look at THAT aspect there, and of course you want to check out all THESE aspects we've not gotten around to yet....."

In other words, where the phase relationships are tight, the instructions passed along with the stimulus from the initial to subsequent parts of the brain are much more involved and demanding. CHARACTERISTICALLY, even if he has the same physical equipment otherwise, the person with tight phase relationships will see more in every stimulus, see more relationships and aspects, literally perceive and respond more intelligently than will the person with looser phase relationships.

How do you tighten phase relationships? Precisely as we described here, externalizing awarenesses, especially awarenesses from previously unrelated, out-of-phase regions of the brain and using the immediacy of external feedback to reinforce those separate "poles" of the brain into tighter and tighter relationships! While the brain is so rich in differentiable functions as to allow for design of literally thousands of potential methods for brain-integration, by far the most productive specific method for brain-integration we presently know of is the pole-bridging activity we call Image Streaming.

A priceless gift to you:

Image-Streaming is of such profound importance, and can be of such benefit to every human being, that Project Renaissance chooses not to exercise proprietary rights over it. Upon your request, Project Renaissance will send you FREE, in return for 6 oz. postage, instructions how to learn and practice Image Streaming, including many of the "back-up" procedures. You can create and study these effects right in your own lab, or in your own class, or in yourself, and/or among those whom you care about. We believe that what happens with Image-Streaming should become part of the birthright of every living and future human being - just as SUPERLEARNING author Lynn Schroeder declared that one of the books featuring Image Streaming, THE EINSTEIN FACTOR, "should go to every man, woman and child in the land!"

Our human situation:

Part of the awareness which has emerged through this work is the fact that we each have huge masses of information, experience, data, understanding, INTELLIGENCE in every sense of that word, throughout our brain but not directly linked into immediate verbal consciousness.

Support without it costing you a dime. Learn How

Much of this is found in those regions of the brain whose working language is not words but sensory images. That difference is part of the power of Image Streaming. We've all known, for more than a century, that our unconscious is profoundly a richer more sensitive source than is our conscious -- the information in the computer, so to speak, compared to the tiny portion of that information up on the screen. -- What had not until recently been realized is how immediately responsive this imagery region is to context and question - if we LET ourselves see what's being so reflexively shown to us.

All major CPS (creative problem-solving) systems now in professional use seek to get at and use some of the wider, richer contents of that unconscious as understandings, answers and solutions. Not only has Project Renaissance found startlingly effective ways of doing so, but has gone far past just that obtaining of content. Project Renaissance's CPS methods (as does Image Streaming generally for whatever purpose) work to reinforce more and more ONto line, with immediate verbal-focused consciousness, this extended resource and intelligence.

How this works for you in discovering solutions and answers:

Even WHILE you are asking a question, part of you is ALREADY showing you, in images, your best available, ingenious, most creative answer. Nearly all of your brain works many times faster than the part you're conscious with, which has been trained down to the speed of the language you speak. As distinct from psychocybernetic or wish-fulfillment directed imagery (which does have its legitimate uses), Image-streaming type imagery is free of direction from your conscious expectations of what the answer OUGHT to be and shows you not so much your goals as HOW to pursue and reach those goals.
From the first instant you are in contact with an opportunity, problem or difficulty, or are asking a question, your wider resources are already showing you, in seemingly undirected or free-association images, your best available, ingenious, most creative answer. Look at those images, be SURPRISED by their content, develop that content further by describing those images in detail to a live listener, or to a tape recorder.

Right now, a third to a half of those now reading this can Image Stream without need of further instructions. With someone listening or with a tape recorder going, simply close eyes and look in and let yourself see whatever happens to be playing now. Even if at first it seems trivial or unrelated, the act OF describing it in rapid, rich, continuing flow of sensory detail will bring more and more of it on. Even without regard to the matter of bringing offline segments of the brain and their intelligence online with your focused conscious verbal intellect, every time you respond to YOUR OWN perceptions (not someone else's second-hand information), you reinforce:

1. The particular perception being described. The more detail you describe, the more you will see. --But even more importantly,

2. You are reinforcing the BEHAVIOR of BEING perceptive. This is an outstanding and easy way to overcome a lifetime of conditioning to not notice or see what's really going on all around you. You may find yourself in for some surprises along the way, however - things are not always as they seem! or as you've been taught or told!

Those two points are true whether the object of your perception is external or internal. When internal, however, and especially if it's initially subtle as is the case with most mental imagery and most inner awarenesses, you are building the further benefit of bringing more and more of your brain and intelligence permanently onto line with where you are immediately conscious from. So if by simply closing eyes and looking, you find you can see and describe images in back of your mind which your conscious mind did not directly decide and put there, your describing these is an Image-Stream and all benefits cited can be yours. If you need more help than that for noticing and working with your images, then send for your free instructions.

If you ARE able, now, even before such instructions, to tune into your own imagery, then here is a dynamite way to discover answers to all sorts of matters, and to find solutions to even the most impossible-seeming problems---

To understand your images/answers/inner messages: Start by asking yourself a question, then looking in for your images-in-response, whatever these are and ESPECIALLY if at first they seem unrelated to the question asked, and describe them as richly as possible to either a live listener or the potential listener represented by a tape recorder.......
Those further parts of your brain think in images and not words, and although some images as in some invention-making, for instance, come out literal, most do require some translation to understand Much to the disappointment of some analysts, there does not seem to be any universal code of dream symbolic meanings, no Rosetta Stone for interpreting. Everyone appears to have his own inner symbolic language, differentiated by a lifetime's experience. Nevertheless, we do have some highly reliable ways to get to the meanings of these images including this "Inductive Inference" method--

1) After you've gotten, described out, and in some degree recorded or had recorded for you that first set of images from your image stream which were generated after you asked whatever question or problem:

2) Image-stream again in the same context but with this crucial difference. Get a second set of images which are, somehow, the SAME answer to the SAME question, only shown very differently.

3) Describe this new set of images in rich detail, in about half the time you used for your first image stream on that question.

4) Likewise a third set of images, in rich detail but about half the time it took you to detail out the second set of images. Not only is it a matter of the more detail you describe, the more you will perceive and the better you develop that set of images. It is also the fact that the more details you have in each of the three sets, the easier it will be for you to find the overlaps or common elements.....

5) Search out and examine whatever is the same among these three sets of images when all else is different. Perhaps it's the color green; perhaps here's water running; perhaps it's triangular-shaped objects; perhaps its simply a feeling common to these several sets of images. These reflexive-imagery-based answers tend to be richly conveyed, like elaborate art: going for the common themes or elements helps you sort out the message from all the elaborate trimmings. Once you've identified each of the elements=-in-common from among your three sets of image,

6) Explore in what ways those common themes and elements may be your answer to your question! Usually it'll be pretty obvious but sometimes our conscious mindset is so fixed, it takes some digging around to see the relationship. These themes or elements-in-common ARE the core of the message or answer. In this easy way, simple inductive inference helps you discover the meaning of your images.

Some of your dreams at night also have meaning for you. Not all of them, for some represent a kind of mental housecleaning process, and/or are involved in the transfer of short-term memory into long-term. After recording the details of a dream, ask your visual mental faculties for ANOTHER set of dream-like images - a la the immediate image stream as just above - which convey the SAME message but SHOW that message an entirely different WAY. If need be, get another such set of images as well. Then find the common themes or elements, which are the core of that message.

Given a chance, your Image Stream will vastly improve your understanding on all fronts, not merely your intelligence though that function will increasingly enrich your every ongoing perception. Note that specific step-by-step instructions for bringing much more of your intelligence immediately available to you through Image Streaming, are available to you FREE in return for 6 oz. postage, from Project Renaissance, P.O. Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332 (301-948-1122). Note that instructions for improving the absolute amount of intelligence in the brain by improving the physical condition of the brain itself, are also available to you from the same source, free, in return for 4 oz. postage.

Galileo's telescope is sitting right there. Peer through it for yourself and see how things might in fact be just a little different from what so many around you now believe. --Just a bit!

Copyright 1997 by Win Wenger, Ph.D., Project Renaissance, 301-948-1122, Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332. This document may nonetheless be freely reproduced - in whole, including this copyright notice, but not in part - for educational purposes and/or to share with persons whom you care about.

Aside from the information offered you for free, the books cited above are also made available to you but cannot be offered free: these are as follows:

A METHOD FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, the main text on Image Streaming and its application to creative problem-solving: $24 (U.S.) plus shipping.

BEYOND TEACHING AND LEARNING, our main education-related statement and featuring 8 systems of method for profoundly improving and accelerating learning: $29.95 + shipping.


HOW TO INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE, mainly sensorimotor ways to improve the subroutines of the brain to better support its higher functions: $15 + shipping.
Paul Scheele's PHOTOREADING, by a wide margin apparently the fastest reading system around, $12.95 + shipping.

Shipping charges: in the USA, first title or book copy, add $4; for each additional, add $1. In Canada/Mexico: $7/$2. Overseas, $11/$5.

With any first order we will supply also a catalog with 40-some additional titles of unique impact upon matters of quality human performance and experience. Inquire also regarding training and consulting services, to Project Renaissance, 301-948-1122 or Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332.


There are now thousands of major research leads in this context sitting waiting to be addressed. Each potentially is profoundly important to the human condition. Each is ready to be defined and tested in relation to good theory and science.

We will help you define and conduct such research, and help with its publication after. You don't lack for original topics, or for opportunity to become a many-times-cited footnote reference throughout your professional field. There are three conditions for our help:

1) The procedure being tested must actually be the procedure offered for testing and named as the procedure being tested.

2) The standardized tests used as part of the evaluation of the results, must either have a high performance ceiling or no ceiling. If your test population already is near, at or above that ceiling, NO procedure will be able to demonstrate an improvement! Since I.Q. tests, in particular, tend to be faulty in the upper ranges, and there is no apparent limit yet found as to how far these effects go, it might be advisable to gather additional types of evidence besides standardized testing.

3) While many types of improvement - especially language skills and comprehension - show up quickly in the results following an intervention, raw intelligence or "I.Q." performance patterns take some while to work their way through one's various habitual ways of perceiving and thinking. The "before" test can be run any time prior to the intervention experiment, but the "after" test must be run 2-3 months AFTER the main experimental intervention has been completed, if the measurement is going to say anything about intelligence or about "I.Q."

We believe considerable professional opportunity presides in this situation. Please reply to: Project Renaissance, 301-948-1122 or Box 332, Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332. -------Also come visit our website at

©1998 by Project Renaissance (regarding this internet version only, other copyrights may apply). While we encourage the free distribution of this article (complete text only, including this notice and acknowledgement of source), we do require that expressed permission be granted by Project Renaissance for any major republication. For minor printing and sharing, we only request that you notify us.

To reach Win Wenger, please visit his website at Project Renaissance.

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