If anyone you know has always tended to be short of breath: he has probably also had difficulties in finishing a task. --Perhaps even a short attention span. In fact, many of those who are short-winded have a hard time reading. Many reading problems may correct just by improving people's breathing patterns.

Pending formal research which various authorities and institutions may or may not allow to be done: it appears that at least half of all high school or college age persons who have serious reading problems, are shortwinded, and their reading problems would disappear if their short-windedness were corrected.

Project Renaissance discovered this surprising relationship in 1983, and no contravention of the finding has ever emerged, but word on this finding has been slow to spread. This finding is news to most of you reading this. Why should you believe such a startling relationship? --You shouldn't. But don't believe the automatic dismissal by the authorities to whom we've entrusted our children either. You can make your own immediate personal test of the matter to your own satisfaction this way:

Run yourself short of oxygen on a jog. While still panting, try to read or to give attention to any detailed task, before your breathing has settled back down!

When you pay attention to a stimulus, you naturally hold your breath. When you breathe, you are moving your attention to some new stimulus. If that shallow-chested or short-winded friend of your has to do that before he's listened or read to the end of someone else's sentence, that breaks up the meaning of that sentence for him!

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Many thousands of children are too short of breath to read to or listen to the end of many of the sentences they must deal with, and consequently are unable to get their meaning. There are more than enough children who have reading difficulties for other reasons, to ensure job security for all those now entrusted with getting our children to read.

The same problem also affects levels of perception and thinking. If someone is too shortbreathed to have a span of awareness in which several different elements can be considered at the same time, there is no way for that person to begin experiencing and thinking in terms of relationships! - He is doomed to the very most concrete levels of thinking and experience only.

Project Renaissance has drafted a program for profoundly improving breathing-span, as a way to address such problems of language-comprehension and perceptual/ thinking level. The main part of the brief presenting held-breath underwater swimming, resulting in rib-cage expansion of about one inch per week. To receive this brief for free and know what to do and why and how to do it, (--and also for some more ways to test to your own satisfaction the validity of this issue:) punch this "download" button:

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To reach Win Wenger, please visit his website at Project Renaissance.

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