The 4th Skills Gap

Why Supply is Failing Demand

Millions of jobs available, and yet millions are unemployed. And billions of fingers pointing in the wrong directions. What's really going on? We've been through this before. But this time, it is different. The world is accelerating…hang on!

The 4th Skills Gap

The Complete Text (& Video Series)

This section currently exists in giant mind map form and I'll be converting it into a combination of text and video over the coming months. Then I will be adding to it and editing this over time.

I'm actively working on this right now…here's a preview

  1. The skills gap is permanent...and that’s not only a good thing, but it is the inevitable result of progress (and not the failing of our educational system).
  2. Lifelong learning is no longer optional…yet most are stuck in old ‘school’ paradigms that don’t work (and can't work) in adulthood.
  3. Learning as an adult is fundamentally different from learning as a child…and only through the complete fully understanding of the following five distinctions will we solve the skills gap.
  4. Our formerly abundant resources to invest in learning become much more scarce as adults…and this must inform our choices in how we invest.
  5. Access to learning opportunities shifts dramatically when we reach adulthood…but digitization is going to change everything (finally).
  6. Learning skills, while never more in demand or valued than they are today, are lacking in most adults…but this is fixable on a grand scale.
  7. Knowing what to learn next is a conspicuously underdeveloped skill in nearly everyone…but only because 'school' has always made these decisions for us.
  8. Our motivations for learning must completely change as adults…the immediate, extrinsic rewards most people seek just don't exist.

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