Twenty-five years ago, I started a simple website to promote and teach accelerated learning techniques to help usher in a ‘mental revolution’. I was young, idealistic, and had no idea that I was about to run into a brick wall (several, actually).

It took two decades to figure out what was really happening. While many have realized that lifelong learning is no longer optional, adult learning still needs to be destigmatized, embraced, and re-engineered. And all of those techniques for improved memory, reading speed, creativity and general intelligence…well, they need to be reframed and relegated as true genius goes way beyond parlor tricks and passing exams.

Ultimately, this site is about managing the hidden costs of lifelong learning, navigating the frustrations of self-directed learning, and rediscovering your natural genius through a new hierarchy of learning skills. Welcome to Genius By Design.

The Fourth Skills Gap

Why Supply is Failing Demand

Millions of jobs available, and yet millions are unemployed. And billions of fingers are pointing in the wrong directions. What's really going on? We've been through this before. But this time, it is different. The world is accelerating…hang on!

The Quarter-Life Reversal

Self-Directed Learning Facing Headwinds

This sets up the remainder of this website and works backwards from the eventual shift to lifelong learning. Rest assured, this doesn't mean endless school. In fact, it is liberating. Genius isn't a birthright, it is a practice. Here is your primer.

Reflective Genius

The Missing Prerequisite

The first step in almost every learning endeavor is too often overlooked or dismissed entirely. Continual expression is the easiest to learn, the hardest to master, and the most powerful learning technique in the world.

Deliberate Genius

Learning How To Learn

Learning is like multi-tasking (or driving a car). Most people falsely believe that they are much better at it than they are. Learning is a practice and a craft in itself. And the basic underlying principles are easily implementable.

Remedial Genius

The True Measure of Grit

If we are truly engaged in lifelong learning, we will all reach points where further progress requires us to rebuild our foundations before piling more on top...all while still deliberately practicing your craft.

Deep Genius

Unreal Capabilities

Only now are we ready to explore the fascinating world of hypnosis, NLP, memory techniques, speed reading skills, creativity methodologies, and more. They are over-hyped, over-sold, but powerful if approached correctly.

Organizational Genius

Humanity's Greatest Lever

No amount of individual genius can ever reach its full potential without learning and embracing how organizations work. This is how anyone can have multiple, measurable impacts on any operation (and why this is essential in closing the skills gap).

Social Genius

Humanity's Last, Best Hope

For years, I overlooked the simple fact that solitary genius is shallow at best, and empty at worst. We are a social species and greatness requires us to connect in meaningful, deliberate ways in order for our deliberately practiced brilliance to be fully realized.

The GBD Essays

Long-Form Essays That Relate to GBD

The cutting room floor...the longer pieces.

Anakin's Blog

Short-form Writings on GBD and more

The cutting room floor...the shorter pieces.